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April 14, 2009



I have this degree with my Sun and I am older. I have a lot of talents and settled on painting and sculpture. I had a lot of choices, I could have made a better choice I think. When I was 34 I became seriously ill and stayed ill for 14 years and could no longer paint.

When my health improved I was sick of being poor and worked at other things and some of those things disappeared because I was spread too thin and didn't take care of details. I am a very capable person but it is hard to bring my talents to fruition for any length of time or to fully utilize or keep the fruits of my labor. If it is not attention to details then it is outside circumstances. It is also hard to settle on one or 2 things to do. Everything has always been so interesting. And I really don't think I'm ADD. I've been categorized as gifted many times in my life.

OTOH, I am able to bounce back better than most and have had a very full and interesting life. Most (not all)of my life I have had enough to share some with others and not want for survival. Most if not all of my life if I really did need (not want) something it appeared. I have done and been most of the things I wanted in my life. I really can't complain, although I frequently do. I could have done better but have not done too badly. And I am eternally grateful for all the things I've learned. Many insights of many things.

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